WinGate Wilderness Therapy utilizes a strengths-based approach to recognize potential in even the most challenging of students.

Combining a proper, thorough assessment coupled with proven treatment strategies in a supportive environment, WinGate Wilderness Therapy helps students– and their families–find the peace and future they seek.

It begins with our deep-seated belief that every student is unique, gifted, and capable of dramatic emotional and behavioral transformation.

As a result, we seek to provide a nurturing yet challenging environment where students can grow, gain perspective, and attain a new level of maturity, while addressing their specific behavioral issues and problems.

We combine the best practices of the wilderness with the best, evidence-based clinical techniques in order to take wilderness therapy to a dramatically higher level of integration and results.

WinGate Wilderness Therapy program provides a powerful and proven intervention for students struggling with a variety of emotional and behavioral problems and utilizes the beautiful expansive thousands of acres of wilderness.

Enjoying the beauty and splendor of southern Utah, students have an opportunity to reflect, refresh, and renew their spirit and resolve to find a healthier, happier path.


I have managed to take the lessons of gratitude and respect that I learned at WinGate and live my life by them.

Ferris, age 17 WinGate
FerrisAge 16


Phone: 801-361-2255



City: Kanab, Utah

Closest Airport: St. George, Utah


Average Duration:  8 to 12 weeks

Who we Help: Adolescents ages 13-26

Student Profile: 

  • Under Achievement
  • Family Conflict
  • Personality Disorder Traits
  • Trauma
  • Mood Instability
  • Negative Peer Association

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A Wilderness Therapy Program For Teens and Young Adults
  • Scott Hess
    Scott Hess
    Founder & Primary Therapist – WinGate Wilderness
  • Shayne Gallager
    Shayne Gallager
    Founder- WinGate Wilderness
  • Sheri Gallagher
    Sheri Gallagher
    Founder – Wingate Wilderness
Scott Hess
Founder & Primary Therapist – WinGate Wilderness

Scott Hess began his career as a marriage and family therapist in 1996, working with juvenile sex offenders in locked facilities. That experience helped Scott discover and develop his profound gift for getting to the heart of core issues with even the most calloused, oppositional clients. Scott attributes his success with resistant clients to his highly relational approach. “I focus first on building relationships of trust and respect,” says Scott. “From there I’m in a position to invite, rather than compel, students to find themselves and heal their relationships.”

Prior to joining WinGate, Scott gained additional experience in both residential and wilderness programs as a counselor, clinical director, and executive director. Scott’s expertise with family systems enables him to craft solutions for the entire family system; systemic solutions help protect and sustain changes the young person makes in treatment.

Throughout his career, Scott has focused on his own personal and professional development. He is always seeking to refine his therapeutic skills and the quality of his interactions. This focus on continual personal development has earned him a solid reputation as an industry leader. More importantly, this focus has helped him personally as he and his wife raise their own four children

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Shayne Gallager
Founder- WinGate Wilderness

With over twenty-six years as either a Field Staff, Trainer, Program Developer, Field Director, Program Director, and as WinGate’s Founder and prior Executive Director, Shayne is on a decidedly short list as one of the most experienced leaders in the history of the outdoor behavioral health industry.

Having been fundamentally involved in the the development and programmatic oversight of four wilderness therapy programs, and with his deep understanding of the innate therapeutic effects of a wilderness experience on the healing of young people, Shayne is a pioneer in the development of unique ways to capitalize on these experiences to enhance their therapeutic value.

As a popular speaker on the subject of all aspects of wilderness therapy, Shayne has for many years presented at regional, national, and international conferences and symposiums.

Shayne is the husband of a beautiful wife and the father of six awesome children.

“It has been my privilege to work with children and families over the years. I can’t imagine a more meaningful path to have taken.”


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Sheri Gallagher
Founder – Wingate Wilderness

Sheri has a Masters degree in Recreation Administration from Brigham Young University. Throughout her college tenure, she was chosen to lead many and varied recreational programs and trips with a variety of age groups, and in a variety of venues. Sheri has taught courses from canoeing to rappelling, and from beach and desert survival, to winter camping skills.

While in college, Sheri worked several years for the National Indian Youth Leadership Program, for which she was the Outdoor Recreation Specialist, and served on it’s board of directors. These efforts were her introduction to a long career of working with at-risk youth.

As part of her masters degree program, Sheri helped design and implement the 1st long-term wilderness therapy program. She has worked at four other wilderness programs, in many cases helping them develop their curriculum and program features. Sheri is one of the most experienced persons in the wilderness therapy industry. Sheri is listed in Who’s Who, and 2000 notable women.

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