ViewPoint Center

ViewPoint Center is a comprehensive, highly specialized therapeutic stabilization, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment facility for teens ages 6-17.

ViewPoint is a small, intimate, personalized facility offering unparalleled diagnostic assessment and medical care.

Our goal is to help our struggling clients receive a more accurate and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan.  Unlike larger psychiatric hospitals, ViewPoint assesses, diagnoses, treats, and then reassesses the diagnosis and treatment plan. For clients struggling with addiction, ViewPoint Center offers detox treatment.

Viewing the client from all aspects, working closely with families and utilizing the same psychiatric and medical team enables us to refine the diagnosis and provide a better path for future success.

By combining intensive therapy, psychiatric care and 24 /7 medical care, clients receive individual, group, family, and medical consultations throughout the week.

The diagnostic profile includes the full continuum of mental health disorders achieved via psychotherapy, psychological testing, classroom assessments, therapeutic milieu, and psychiatric stabilization.

At the end of their time with ViewPoint each family is provided a comprehensive multi-disciplinary report which captures both a well fleshed out diagnosis as well as clearly defined recommendations for future treatment.


Everyone—nursing, doctors, administrators—was very helpful, professional, and caring. ViewPoint Center has helped us find the right help for our daughter. Thank You.

Amy, Parent of ViewPoint Center patient
AmyParent of ViewPoint Center patient


Phone: (855) 290-9682



City: Syracuse, Utah

Closest Airport: Salt Lake City International


Average Duration:  6-7 weeks

Who we Help: Boys and Girls Ages 6-17.

Student Profile:

  • Adoption/Attachment Issues
  • Emotionally/Psychologically fragile
  • Contra-indication for placement in an outdoor setting
  • Stabilization for medical, psychiatric, suicide/self-harm, or substance abuse
  • Medical Detox
  • Mood Disorders
  • Anxiety

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A Diagnostic Assessment Center For Teens 6-17
  • Judith Jacques
    Judith Jacques
    Executive Director - Discover Seven Stars, Elevations RTC & ViewPoint Center
  • Jennifer Wilde
    Jennifer Wilde
    Executive Clinical Director – Elevations RTC, Seven Stars & Viewpoint Center
  • Randi Nelson
    Randi Nelson
    Admissions Director - ViewPoint Center
  • Laura Burt
    Laura Burt
    Business Development Director - Elevations RTC

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Judith Jacques
Executive Director - Discover Seven Stars, Elevations RTC & ViewPoint Center

Feeling frustrated by the systemic constraints to affect real change in the lives of adolescents in the public school system, she was on the verge of leaving education altogether. Fortunately, Judith was offered a role as a teacher in a residential treatment center and found a renewed interest in working with students in an environment where students and their needs are a priority.  Judith spent the next 2 years as a teacher, then 10 years as an academic director before moving into operations of a residential treatment center as a program director. She was one of the original founders of Elevations RTC and ViewPoint Center.

Judith loves to spend her time with her family, practicing yoga, and continuing to explore her passion for history.  She combines her passions of travel and history into trips to explore historical sites and examination of the past and how we learn from one another. Judith’s passions have helped shape her personal philosophy and approach in working within a residential treatment setting.

Education – BS in Education from Millersville University of Pennsylvania , MEd in Special Education from Westminister College.

Learning is a social and emotional activity.  If students are not socially and emotionally available little change can be expected in the classroom or at home.  We have to meet them where they are and start with helping them to be open to change.
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Jennifer Wilde
Executive Clinical Director – Elevations RTC, Seven Stars & Viewpoint Center

Jennifer has 25 years of experience treating adolescents in a wide variety of settings.  Trained as a therapist, Jennifer is certified in DBT by the Linehan Institute, she also relies on the empirically based modalities of CBT, Family Systems and Motivational Interviewing.  After experiences in inpatient, residential, and wilderness settings, Jennifer believes the continuum of care is essential to long term success.  Acting as a part of the Executive team at both Elevations RTC and ViewPoint Center,  Jennifer ensures the highest quality of therapeutic intervention for our students.  Developing and managing a highly skilled team of Clinicians and program staff, Jennifer enjoys the energy and optimism of teenagers.

As a parent of two teenage boys, Jennifer knows enrolling a child in treatment is one of the hardest decisions a parent will make.  Respecting this decision, she is always driven to honor each student and families individualized treatment needs.  Always drawn to the outdoors, Jennifer enjoys spending time hiking with her family and two dogs in the mountains and deserts of Utah.

Master of Social Work,  University of Utah:  Bachelor of Science, Sociology and Psychology, Brigham Young University

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional,” -Ghandi
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Randi Nelson
Admissions Director - ViewPoint Center

Randi has been in admissions for residential programs for 11 years. She has been with ViewPoint since they started in 2014. Randi worked as a special education teacher before finding her fit in admissions. She has worked/lived in the Salt Lake City area for the past 25 years and teaching/working with kids has always been a part of her passion. At ViewPoint she gets to combine her experience and interest in education with her passion to help families build success for their kids.

Randi is obsessed with fishing. She has fished all over the country and loves spending time with her family on local lakes and streams. She loves the outdoors and spending time with her husband and three kids and their families. Randi has 3 dogs and a coil pond.

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Laura Burt
Business Development Director - Elevations RTC

Laura started working in this industry in 1996. She has been a force of both compassion and understanding for the 1000+ families with whom she has worked.  She currently is the Admissions & Marketing Director for both Elevations and ViewPoint Center.  Laura has worked with adolescents in a number of different capacities starting years ago as an administrative assistant, coordinating and organizing records, working direct care on the milieu, she was also an academic assistant and school registrar for 9 years and has been part of the admissions team as the Admissions Director since the start of Elevations RTC.  Her experience as a small business owner has prepared her for this role as well.

Outside of Elevations Laura loves to travel, read, and adventure with her family.  She is married and has two amazing kids.   She and her husband are getting the hang of being empty nesters.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. –Wayne Gretzky

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