Under achievement

How We Help with Lack of Achievement


lack-of-achievement-1Your child should be doing much better in school, really. He’s always been a very intelligent kid, far ahead of his peers, but lately he seems completely uninterested in anything that requires him to put forth the least bit of effort. To make things worse, this is his senior year of high school, and so far he has made no attempt to try to get into any colleges.

His parents are worried that if he doesn’t get his act together soon, he may never have the chance to build a great career and lead the fulfilling life they’ve always hoped he would have, but they simply don’t know what to do when he doesn’t seem to care at all.


Underachievement is characterized by poor performance in school or professional environments, refusal to work hard at a task, failure to accept and adapt to age-appropriate responsibilities or learn vital life skills, potential refusal of work outright, and a demonstrated lack of accountability.

Without addressing the underlying issues that cause this issue, many will assume it is an inherent character flaw, and the child will go on to life a much less fulfilling life than they otherwise could have.

How We Can Help 

Underachievement like this is often the cause of some underlying issue, such as lack of self-confidence, depression, anxiety disorders, etc. At Family Help & Wellness, your child can receive the therapy they need from professional clinicians, therapists, and even medical professionals, and face challenges in a controlled environment that will build the skills and self-confidence needed to overcome the challenges they face in the real world. We’ll also help to strengthen the community of support around them, to ensure they remain on track to success well after they leave the programmatic environment.

Under Achievement

While “under achievement” is more readily associated with school performance, teens who are under achieving often have issues the spill over into other areas resulting in poor peer and family relationships, lowered self-esteem and even depression.


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Signs Your Child May Have

Lack of Achievement

  • Trouble Keeping Attention
  • Avoiding School Related Tasks
  • Forgetfulness/Distractibility
  • Lack of Interest/Indifference


  • Fear of Criticism
  • Procrastination
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Failing to Finish Age-Appropriate Tasks
Help with Under Achievement

We Can Help

When your child is struggling with lack of achievement, it’s easy to feel as if no one understands.

We’ve helped hundreds of families make meaningful change, even when nothing else seemed to work. If you’re ready to bring peace to your family, you’ve come to the right place.