Uinta Academy

Uinta Academy  is a residential treatment program for young women, ages 13 through 17 years, and adult women, ages 18 through 21 years. Uinta Academy is nestled in the scenic Cache Valley of northern Utah where the students reside in five large homes. Our approach effectively and expertly blends clinical therapies with an evidence-based therapeutic milieu to foster healthy identity development in young women. Through the therapeutic guidance of an expert team of clinicians and educators, our students build a sense of competence and strong self- esteem.

Uinta Academy is uniquely designed to treat trauma-based disorders, attachment/adoption disorders, mood disorders, ADHD, Social Learning Disorders, and academic underachievement. We employ several experiential therapies in order to help our young women engage in their individual therapeutic processes. Our comprehensive equine program, which includes horse ownership, equine assisted psychotherapy, equine EMDR, riding, and natural horsemanship, teaches transferable relationship skills.

Uinta Academy’s hallmarks include our comprehensive family programming, integrated transition program, individualized academics, cultural arts experiences, extra-curricular clubs and service opportunities, explorations trips, a focus on healthy lifestyle choices, and horticultural therapy.


All we though she was capable of achieving is now happening! This would not have been accomplished without the love and support she received at Uinta Academy.

Uinta Parent


Phone: (435) 245-2600

Email: info@uintaacademy.com


City: Wellsville, UT

Closest Airport: Salt Lake City International


Average Duration:  13 -14 months.

Who we Help: Girls between the ages of 12-21.

Examples of Student Profile:

  • Adoption & Attachment Issues
  • Emotionally/Psychologically fragile
  • Mood Disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Defiance Disorders

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A Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls 12-17
Russ Pryor MBA, LCSW
Russ Pryor MBA, LCSW
Executive Director
Adaleen Krambule MA, CMHC, NCC
Adaleen Krambule MA, CMHC, NCC
Associate Executive Director