Varied Treatment for Specific Needs

Breadth & Depth of Programs to Meet Your Needs

Depending on the needs of a particular client, we offer a variety of immersive programs, including short-term interventions and long-term placements. We can meet your needs on a case-by-case basis, and provide effective therapy across a variety of ages and diagnoses.

Where local options might lack the intensity or frequency that produces meaningful results or changes, families looking for long term solutions find Family Help & Wellness.

Families come to us looking for high-quality, immersive therapy for their child. We serve clients across a variety of diagnoses and ages, and offer varied programs from short-term psychiatric hospitals to long-term residential treatment centers.

If you’re ready for the answers and real results you haven’t found elsewhere, FHW is here for you.

Average Length of Stay

Programs are designed for varying lengths of stay reflective of the type of student a program enrolls and what the assessment and treatment goals are.

Residential Treatment Center
Therapeutic Treatment Programs
Addiction & Recovery Treatment
Transitional Living
Assessment Programs


Red Mountain has the support and resources I needed to get on my feet and prepare me for the kind of life I want to live.

Red Mountain Sedona Types of Treatment
HarryRed Mountain Sedona student

I love that they used dogs and other animals within therapy. I will always remember the time I had here in the best way possible

ViewPoint Types of Treatment
SteveClient of ViewPoint Center

So glad we found BlueFire. My son learned respect, independence, and responsibility.

BlueFire Types of Treatment
MarkParent of BlueFire Client

Individuals throughout Trails will bend over backwards to help your teen understand the importance of trust, responsibility and accountability.

Trails Carolina Types of Treatment
Elaine B.Mother of Trails Carolina student


Designed for individuals who exhibit more intensive diagnoses and require long-term, intensive therapy in order to see lasting results, these programs provide a warm, inviting setting with a strong focus on individual growth and academic progress. Average length of stay is 8-12 months.

Programs include:
Sandhill Center (New Mexico – Girls And Boys 8-13)
Elevations RTC (Syracuse, UT – Coed 13-17)
Magnolia Mill-School (Weaverville, NC – Girls 13-17)
Solstice RTC (Layton, UT – Girls 13-17)
Uinta Academy (Wellsville, UT – Girls 12-17)


Combining academics with behavioral therapy, these facilities offer a more traditional boarding school environment best suited to softer therapeutic approaches instituted over time. For clients with less intensive diagnoses, these programs feature a smaller, yet still intensive clinical approach to maximize long-term results. Average length of stay is 6-12 months. 

Programs include:
Asheville Academy (Weaverville, NC – Girls 10-13)


These short-term, immersive experiences utilize outdoor surroundings as a break from familiar home environments, providing clients a unique assessment and immediate intervention. Clients will build greater self-confidence and benefit from a setting which offers natural consequences and benefits for daily choices. Average program length is 60-90 days.


Designed for clients struggling with emotional, behavioral or neurological issues, these shorter-term centers offer assessment, diagnoses, and the beginning of treatment– all in the same center. With a high degree of nurturing and personalization, the intention is to offer a clearer picture of a client’s needs for a stronger plan of action moving forward. Average length of stay is one week to 45 days.


Offering a transitional living situation for clients who are struggling to adapt or have recently completed more intensive residential therapy, these programs focus on providing the “life skills” and structure necessary for clients to find success while enjoying the freedoms of young adulthood. Average length of stay is 3-12 months, largely dependent on the client’s work or academic responsibilities.