Outpatient Treatment Not Working

How We Can Help When Outpatient Treatment Isn’t Working


Nicholas has been struggling for some time. Consequently, the family has been struggling as well. Nicholas’ parents have taken him to a new local therapist. Previously, Nicholas saw the school counselor regularly and a different therapist with whom he didn’t really connect. There have been times he has shown remarkable progress and everything seems fine. Other times it feels like a downhill slide.

Nicholas’ parents know of others who have sent their child to a residential inpatient program. For a long time, that seemed like an unnecessary step for Nicholas but recently his behaviors have grown increasingly concerning. His parents are left not knowing where to turn, hoping that some sort of more intensive treatment option might be available which could make a real difference in Nicholas’ life.


Typically if local options, such as traditional therapists, school counselors, and outpatient programs haven’t been effective in creating lasting change it is because the diagnosis is severe enough, the behaviors are worsening, or maybe the peer group too problematic that a more intensive level of treatment is necessary.

How We Can Help

Our immersive, innovative therapies have been developed by the world’s leading experts on behavioral therapy, and are rooted in respected best practices. With a multitude of program environments, we can create an individualized plan that best meets the needs of your child.

When your child is at one of our programs, the intensity of therapy that they experience within a week would take weeks or even months to replicate at home because we are able to encompass all aspects of programming. This enhances the opportunity to change patterns of behaviors.

We also aren’t asking adolescents to recount in a one hour weekly therapeutic session situations.  In program we see those challenges first-hand.

In addition, our unique partner/owner model enables expert program directors to focus entirely on leading world-class programs. If you’re looking for programs that have a proven track record of producing real, life-changing results in even the most difficult cases, you’ve come to the right place.

When Outpatient Treatment Is Not Working

Parents often call Family Help and Wellness when they realize rewards and punishments are not working – and they outpatient therapy is moving too slowly.

The inherent problem with outpatient therapy is that one or two hours per week is just not enough time to create significant changes if the patient is resistant or unwilling to put in the work outside of the therapy session.

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How do parents know when outpatient isn’t working for their child?

Signs that outpatient treatment may not be helping your child include: 

  • Struggling Despite Medication
  • Struggling Despite Therapy
  • Unusual Side Effects
  • Relief of only certain symptoms


  • Feel Worse
  • Extreme Feelings Opposite of Symptoms
  • Negative Thoughts
  • Underachievement
Help When Nothing Else is Working

We Can Help

When you can't seem to find the right help when your child is struggling, it’s easy to feel as if no one understands.

We’ve helped hundreds of families make meaningful change, even when nothing else seemed to work. If you’re ready to bring peace to your family, you’ve come to the right place.