Motivating Students Towards Success at The Academy at Trails Carolina

Motivating Students Towards Success at The Academy at Trails Carolina

The Academy at Trails Carolina is a therapeutic boarding school for struggling boys, ages 14-18. Class sizes at the academy are small in order to ensure a highly individualized program.

The Academy at Trails Carolina practices a curriculum that caters to different learning styles and offers students the opportunity to become motivated and excel in academics. They integrate excellent clinical services into the academy to provide the best environment for the specific needs of each student.

Being clinically driven, the Academy at Trails Carolina provides students with individualized, evidence-based, and complex therapeutic services. The Academy uses various types of therapy, including individual, family, and group therapies guided by a licensed therapist. By recognizing that no young man is the same, the Academy works to identify the ideal treatment for each and every student.

The Academy provides students the ability to excel in academics and learn at their own pace. They create a true classroom experience through small class sizes and creative instruction. At the Academy, the work inside and outside the traditional classroom. The Academy utilizes the community and area around them as a learning space. They aim to re-engage classroom skills and potential in their students to reach true academic growth.

The Academy at Trails Carolina works to maintain a safe, engaging, and challenging environment to foster improvements in their students. The interweaving of academic and clinical departments is a unique and effective feature of the Academy. The combination of the two gives them the capability to cater to each student’s specific needs.

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