Test Post – School Refusal And Failure To Launch Are

Test Post – School Refusal And Failure To Launch Are

Whether you’ve heard the term “failure to launch” or not, it’s definitely a serious problem among young adults. It defines a frustrating process, for both parents and teens alike, where a young person is stuck between adolescence and adulthood while struggling with poor life skills.

Failure To Launch

Failure to launch is fast becoming an epidemic in the U.S. Studies show that nearly 32% of young adults (ages 18 to 34) still live at home with their parents. Part of the problem involves unemployment and excessive student loan debt, but more hidden – yet even more powerful factors – such as depression and addiction are part of it, as well.

Young adults can become stuck in an immature life development stage because of addiction, depression and anxiety, and consumed by fear of taking the next steps into adulthood.

Refusal to go to school

The refusal to go to school is another serious issue many young adults experience. Sometimes confused with truancy, school refusal isn’t the same as skipping school to do something fun, but rather an actual aversion to school itself because of disorders like separation or social anxiety. In some cases, it manifests itself in frequent tardiness because anxiety is so extreme that the teen has a difficult time getting to school on time.

In either failure to launch or refusal to go to school, or other issues such as addiction, the teen has a hard time moving forward in his or her life. At Red Mountain Sedona, issues such as these are addressed in a serene, natural environment by professionals who help clients transform from lives of emotional distress and addiction, to sustained recovery and joy.

How Red Mountain Sedona Helps

Clients at Red Mountain Sedona learn to become independent adults by learning life skills and developing emotional strength to make good decisions. They’ll learn how to manage their day, pay bills, find and keep a job, complete school, and more.

Red Mountain Sedona provides a safe environment where clients can truly be themselves and experience true healing. Healing is accomplished in a setting of incredible natural beauty and serenity along with a highly-effective treatment program that will modify adolescent behaviors to enable teens to become responsible adults. For 24-hour admissions assistance for new clients, please call 855-998-5272.

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