Steve Stradley

Steve Stradley


Steve works closely with the Program Partners to offer them strategic advice and help guide them through the day-to-day challenges that can distract them from what they do best—make a difference in the lives of sons, daughters and their families.

Prior to FHW, Steve was a senior executive in the assisted living and elder-care industry where he spent over 10 years helping to enhance quality, care and service for tens of thousands of seniors around the country.

As a self proclaimed foodie Steve is always perfecting his homemade pizza crust, made in his wood-fire pizza oven. He lives in Salem, Oregon with his wife, daughter and two labradoodles who are all subjected to his current hobby of learning to play the guitar

Steve earned a bachelor of science from Oregon State University, with a concentration in business/finance.

You can’t really understand the difference we make in a family’s life until you see that son or daughter embrace their mother or father for the first time after graduating from one of our programs—it’s truly amazing what our people do.