Kyle Gillett

Kyle Gillett

Kyle has been a partner of the FHW team since 2010 and is one of three original founders of Solstice RTC. He was instrumental in creating an expansion of Solstice RTC on the east coast and currently serves as the executive director of Solstice East.  In January 2017, Kyle will take on the role of Executive Director at Equinox RTC, a Solstice program for boys, which he will launch with a small group of co-founders.

With a Ph.D. in marriage and family therapy, Kyle has a great deal of experience providing therapy to and operating programs for adolescents and their families. He has served in a myriad of leadership roles in programs for adolescent boys and girls including: primary therapist, clinical director, admissions director and program director.

Kyle’s leadership style can best be explained as relationship-based and principle-driven. He believes in the importance of teaching principles of leadership through instruction and example and allowing members of his team to apply those principles to their respective departments in their own way. Kyle is also known for being very playful and engaged with his team—hoping to make it fun to come to work every day.  His therapy dog, Shadow, a Miniature Australian Shepherd, can be found accompanying him to work every day.

Kyle’s favorite things include spending time with his beautiful wife and four wonderful little boys, playing all sorts of games, coaching CrossFit classes, hiking, camping, fishing, reading, watching movies and a variety of sports. In January 2017, Kyle and his wife welcomed their first daughter into the Gillett family!

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