Kathy Rex

Kathy Rex

Growing up in a large family, I spent most of my younger years in the outdoors and engaging in a variety of activities, from camping and hiking, team sports and annual family reunions at a mountain lake in northern Utah. I graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Recreation Therapy, and shortly thereafter became a nationally Certified Licensed Recreation Therapist. After five years working in the recreation department in an inpatient psychiatric hospital that served young children, adolescents and adults, I was introduced to adventure therapy programs. Playing on a competitive softball team that traveled to southern Idaho in 1994, I met the leadership team of one of the first adventure therapy programs.

Wilderness therapy was an ideal setting for me as I spent several years as a Field Supervisor, established the Field Director position, became Assistant Director and then was the Executive Director of a leading adventure therapy program for the next 12 years. I believe in the powerful change that happens in the outdoor setting and am also passionate about continuing to evolve this profession and how programs are provided. Blending the traditional high level care of a treatment team model found in residential treatment centers with a strong adventure component into the wilderness approach enhances the experience that our families have. Safety in this setting is a priority and, as such, hiring and training protocols are of the utmost importance.

I live in a community which values family and strong neighborhood connections. My husband and I have raised three older children and have our youngest still at home. I volunteer countless hours to support my community by coaching youth sports. Seeing young people gain confidence through physical success is an important part of my life. Spending time as a family is a top priority and we can often be found at a ball field, gymnasium, boating on the Snake River or enjoying the many winter activities in the surrounding mountains. I get excited to engage in new adventures and challenges on a regular basis. My family recently added a tandem kayak to their collection of outdoor gear.

I believe life is full of possibilities. I am excited to be apart of helping families realize their potential. This is my passion.

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