Jon Worbets

Jon Worbets

Jon has always had his hand in both mental health & adventure-based therapy.  He has taken his interest in psychology and love of the outdoors and directed  a non-profit organization working with inner city youth, worked as the clinical program manager for a wilderness program, was the founder and clinical director of a wilderness therapy program for adjudicated youth, and the clinical director at a therapeutic boarding school.  He has pioneered the way parents and kids approach the therapeutic benefits of the wilderness and created industry changing practices in family therapy.

In his free time Jon loves to spend time with his family in the outdoors.  He enjoys teaching his children skiing, climbing, and how to paddle waters all over the northwestern United States. Jon is a staple in the outdoor community while not at BlueFire.

Jon has a BS in Psychology from Colorado State, MA in Clinical Psychology from Prescott College, Certified EMDR clinician, Specializing in trauma, ODD, Depression, and Anxiety.

The greatest gift we can give our kids is the confidence they can overcome difficult things, which can only be fostered through challenge and adversity.

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