Graham Shannonhouse

Graham Shannonhouse

Graham Shannonhouse has more than 20 years of experience in the wilderness field. With an intimate working knowledge of the roots of wilderness therapy, Graham brought her wisdom and insights into the development of the country’s first wilderness experience to intentionally integrate family work into the student’s core treatment plan.  And with more than 16 years in the wilderness field, she has been an integral part of the conception, execution, and evolution of what we have come to know as wilderness therapy.

Graham began her career as a hands-on field instructor, quickly moving to field supervisor, followed by a tenure as program director. During this period she successfully designed, managed and served as a therapist for the country’s first therapeutic wilderness program specifically for teens ages 10 to 13. In 2002, Graham returned to the east to serve as executive director for a therapeutic wilderness program based in North Carolina, successfully growing it into one of the most respected companies in the industry.

When Graham is not working she enjoys wake boarding, mountain biking, and running with her two golden doodles on the many trails of Western North Carolina. She competes in marathons, rides in local bike races, and is an exceptionally talented chef. More than anything, Graham loves to travel and spend time with her family.

Growing up in North Carolina, I would spend my summers in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. My time in the wilderness helped me define myself as a person, and it is with gratitude and joy that I am able to offer struggling adolescents and their families the opportunity to do the same.

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