Boys 10-13

Boys 10-13

FHW programs are designed specifically to meet the individual emotional, developmental, and behavioral needs of clients. While some FHW programs are created for the purpose of helping specific genders or age groups, others are created in order to boost therapeutic success by mixing genders and/or ages.

Wilderness Therapy Programs for Boys ages 10-13:

  • BlueFire Wilderness | Gooding, ID | Co-educational for boys and girls ages 11-17 | Learn More

Assessment Centers for Boys ages 10-13:

  • Discover Seven Stars | Syracuse, UT | Co-educational for teens ages 13-18 | Learn More
  • ViewPoint Center | Syracuse, UT | Co-educational for teens ages 12-18 | Learn More
  • Sandhill Center | New Mexico | Girls And Boys 5-13 | Learn More