Adam Ray

Adam Ray

Adam Ray brings a wealth of experience to Trails Momentum and Foundations Asheville.  For 13 years Adam has been wholeheartedly meeting the needs of students, families, and educational consultants.  Adam’s breadth of experience in all realms of therapeutic programming is what allows the strengths of our diverse staff to shine through.  His leadership champions the collaboration and cohesion of our staff community, allowing  Foundations and Trails Momentum to deliver on its truly integrated and unique program.

Adam holds a Bachelor of Arts in Outdoor Leadership from Warren Wilson College and has developed multiple vocational training, mental heath, and transitional living programs.  He served several years as a Family Resource Specialist helping families of youth at risk identify continuing care options and therapeutic resources while coordinating outbound referrals and marketing strategies.  Adam spent a semester in Kenya with an intensive NOLS leadership training program and enjoys bringing his knowledge of experiential learning and careful cultivation of group culture to wide-ranging outdoor and cultural expeditions with the students.

When not taking care of the needs of our students and staff, Adam can be found riding the trails and roadways of Western North Carolina on any manner of bicycle.  An accomplished athlete and former captain of an elite road cycling team, Adam continues his dedication to adventure alongside his well-loved dog, Bollo while enhancing the adventurous culture of The Academy at Trails Carolina.

What I really love about working with teens is watching them reunite with their family. After hearing all of the hardships families go through it is very rewarding to know they are back on track and their futures are brighter because they came to our program.

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