Red Mountain Sedona

Red Mountain Sedona is a Young Adult “Launch” program with a mission of creating healthy, mindful futures for our clients.

Our foundational beliefs are based on promoting a healthier and happier lifestyle while removing negative behavior and inner conflict.

We help our clients transition from adolescent behaviors to responsible adulthood, providing the “bridge” from primary treatment to full independence. We help young adults transitioning out of wilderness therapy and other primary treatments to get back on track with school and jobs while resolving their core issues through ongoing intensive therapy.

Our mindfulness-based programming helps our clients discover their inherent goodness and focus on giving back to the community. From there, they can focus on redirecting their life path in a positive direction and maintaining the positive strides made in primary treatment in a “real world” setting.

The Red Mountain program offers access to excellent clinical services. As well as a daily meditation program taught by a Zen Sensei and a Tibetan Meditation Instructor, Red Mountain Sedona offers life skills training, nutritional coaching, group therapy, hiking, martial arts, yoga, physical fitness, case management, and academic support. 

Clients are taught life skills such as techniques for successful job interviewing, keeping living spaces clean, financial planning, etiquette, and time management. 


Whether your issues are drugs, trauma, or dealing with your feelings, Red Mountain helps you move past those issues and sets you up for future success.

Lisa, 20 Red Mountain Sedona
LisaAge 20


Phone: (855) 998-5272



City: Sedona, Arizona

Closest Airport: Phoenix, AZ


Average Duration:  6 -9 months.

Who we Help: All genders ages 18-28

Student Profile:

  • Failure to launch
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • ADD / ADHD
  • Substance / Addiction
  • Identity / Sexuality issues
  • Adoption

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A Young Adult Transitional Program
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Josh White
Executive Director
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Maureen White
Program Director