Personalized, Immersive Therapy Options


Residential Treatment Progams

Residential treatment programs are designed to provide comprehensive mental and behavioral healthcare to youth and young adults. Students reside in homes or living facilities with the support and guidance of licensed therapists, educators, and trained mentor staff. Programs combine therapy, academics, family programming, and therapeutic activities to support well-rounded healing and foundational success. Whether by location, diagnostic and treatment specialties, or activity planning, each program is unique. Duration of stay varies per program, but is typically dependent on progress through each individual’s treatment plan.

Asheville Academy is an RTC for individuals assigned female at birth ages 10-14

Asheville Academy is a therapeutic boarding school serving girls ages 10-14 who struggle in their family system, schooling, or peer groups. This program specializes in relationship-based treatment—emphasizing high levels of family intervention, emotional safety, and healthy boundaries.

Discover Seven Stars RTC All Genders 13-17

Discover Seven Stars is a residential treatment program for teens ages 13-17 who struggle with neurodevelopmental delays and disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD. Seven Star’s model combines experiential therapy with residential treatment built upon the foundation of positive psychology, self efficacy, self determination and cognitive therapy.


Elevations is an all-gender residential treatment program providing youth ages 13-18 with personalized, interdisciplinary care. Elevations offers psychiatric care, specialized and intensive clinical groups, accredited academics, and experiential therapy to students with trauma, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, suicidality, and self-harm. 

New Focus Academy

New Focus Academy (NFA) is a specialized school and residential treatment program for students ages 12-18 with Autism Spectrum (ASD) and similar neurodevelopmental difficulties, that include cognitive, organizational, and/or emotional challenges. At NFA research-based and pragmatic solutions are utilized to develop independence and self-esteem in their students. An overall relationship and brain based approach is woven into individual, family, group, and recreation therapy. Academically, individualized education plans, vocational learning, and project-based opportunities are targeted with each student.

Roots Transition

ROOTS Transition is a residential treatment program serving young women 15-18 years old who have attachment, relational, and/or developmental trauma. This program integrates outdoor adventure, intensive family support, and deep clinical work through the use of the NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM) to help individuals overcome trauma and maladaptive behaviors.


Sandhill Child Development Center treats children, ages 8 to 13. The common denominator amongst admitted diagnoses is significant emotional dysregulation impacting the ability to function at home, in school, or their communities. This program’s holistic approach integrates a relationally-based, clinical approach that grounds the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT) into every aspect of daily living.


Magnolia Mill School is a residential treatment program serving adolescents (Female, Transmale, Non-binary) ages 14 – 18 struggling with depression, anxiety, mood disorders, substance abuse, and trauma and its associated symptoms.This program focuses on relationship-based treatment—emphasizing high levels of family intervention, emotional safety, and healthy boundaries.

Solstice West

Solstice West is a residential treatment program helping adolescents ages 14-18 struggling with trauma, loss, attachment issues, and addictive behaviors. Trauma-focused, relationship-based treatment programs are specialized to support each student and family’s needs with a holistic approach.

Uinta 6.13 12-20

Uinta Academy is a residential treatment program serving youth assigned female at birth ages 13-21 who struggle with attachment issues, mood disorders, maintaining interpersonal relationships, and/or healing after trauma. Uinta’s equine-assisted psychotherapy, trauma-informed therapy, research-based therapeutic milieu, and accredited academic program promote long-lasting change.

Outdoor Therapy Programs

Outdoor therapy programs combine the scientifically proven benefits of nature with the support and guidance of licensed therapists and program staff. While time in wilderness settings may vary by program, each is built on the recognition that wilderness provides unique opportunities to learn transferable therapeutic skills for a grounded, successful life. All outdoor programs provide individual and family therapy with licensed professionals, with some offering planned adventure therapy and academic credits. Typically, outdoor therapy programs are shorter duration than residential treatment options.


blueFire is an outdoor therapy program for youth ages 11-28. blueFire combines clinical expertise, wilderness, and adventure therapy in their educator and clinician-owned program, providing an approach to treatment which produces long-lasting, internalized change.

Young Adult Programs

Young adult programs are a supportive space for individuals who, after graduating a residential or outdoor therapy program, would benefit from further structure and guidance as they transition back home. These residential programs focus on holistic wellbeing through helping individuals with mental and behavioral health struggles, teaching life skills, integrating academics, and supporting career development. Some programs specialize in helping young adults find independence and agency in their life. Others specialize on building or strengthening a therapeutic toolbox to help overcome unhealthy patterns, substance use concerns, or work through trauma. All programs are staffed with licensed therapists, educators, and trained mentor staff to support long-term success.

blueFire Pulsar

blueFire PulsaR is a co-educational outdoor therapy program for young adults ages 18-28. Adventure therapy, equine therapy, academic opportunities, career counseling, and “family spark” help students open up and look at their life. This program is dedicated to helping students regain a better sense of the world around them while addressing their emotions by developing healthy coping skills and communication skills.


Foundations Asheville is a residential community serving young adults aged 18-24 who are looking to acquire the tools to make the transition from adolescence to life as an independent adult. Therapists, teachers, and mentors work collaboratively to help students set and realize specific goals during their time at Foundations. Through local internships and jobs alongside traditional and trade skill educational opportunities, individuals are supported in establishing a strong base for future success. Foundations helps young adults aspire to find meaning, direction, relationships, and self-reliance in their lives.

Red Mountain Sedona

Red Mountain Sedona is a gender-inclusive program designed to help young adults, ages 18-28, with behavioral and/or emotional challenges “launch” and transition into a fulfilling and productive life. An outstanding academic program increases program graduates college admission rates and overall academic success. Individuals struggling with substance abuse or trauma are supported by licensed professionals to overcome these challenges and build resilience. Red Mountain Sedona works with the mind, body, and spirit using a multidisciplinary approach of evidenced-based therapies, mindfulness practices, life skills development, and executive function coaching.


Momentum Young Adult is an adventure-based outdoor program for young adults ages 18-25 who are struggling to launch themselves into adulthood. Adventure programming, clinical services, family involvement, college coursework, and social skill development are interwoven to maximize the transference of important life skills and address clinical and behavioral challenges.

Uinta 6.13 12-20

Uinta Academy is a residential treatment program serving youth assigned female at birth ages 13-21 who struggle with attachment issues, mood disorders, maintaining interpersonal relationships, and/or healing after trauma. Uinta’s equine-assisted psychotherapy, trauma-informed therapy, research-based therapeutic milieu, and accredited academic program promote long-lasting change.

Diagnostic Assessment Center

Assessment centers provide adolescents and their families with in-depth assessments of mental and behavioral health. Brief assessments with school counselors or local therapists can sometimes provide inaccurate or over-reaching diagnoses. At residential assessment centers, comprehensive treatment plans are developed over time within an immersive, clinical, and relational setting. Licensed professionals work one-on-one with students to understand their unique needs and struggles and initiate their path to a healthier, more fulfilling life. These centers are short-term, with an average stay of 45 days, and provide the framework for individuals to move on to the residential or outdoor program which best suits their needs.


The ViewPoint Center is a specialty psychiatric hospital for adolescents of all genders ages 6-17. Youth are immersed in an environment with passionate and dedicated professionals working round-the-clock to understand and treat the root of symptomatic behaviors and mental struggles. Patients engage in a full neuropsychological assessment with care and guidance provided by a highly specialized treatment team including psychiatric practitioners, registered nurses, a clinical psychologist, licensed and credentialed mental health therapists, and a licensed teacher. 

As a residential assessment program, clients and medical staff have the unique opportunity to safely assess which prescriptions are helpful versus hindering their health. This program provides comprehensive insights and diagnoses while establishing a strong long-term treatment plan. 

A Note on Gender Identity: Programs supported by Family Help & Wellness are continuously working to adapt to new research, sensitivities, and awareness. While some programs use or have used gendered language to refer to their typical student, all of our programs are inclusive of non-binary, gender-expansive, and/or transitioning individuals. Program admission and group placement is based on diagnosis and peer group harmony.

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Family Help & Wellness is the leading provider of private pay care for clients with a variety of mental and behavioral health concerns, ages 10 to 24+. Our leadership is based on our breadth of programs and depth of expertise. This leadership has provided thousands of families like yours the confidence and security of choosing Family Help & Wellness to help create a greater future.

All FHW programs are based on respected best practices and proven research. Our unique model of owner/partners has allowed us to assemble an unparalleled team of experts in the field of behavioral therapy. Drawing upon the knowledge of these leaders, we’ve been able to develop truly transformative programs that change the lives of participants and their families for the better.

Family Help & Wellness partners are experienced operators and sought-after experts in the field of behavioral therapy thanks to their dedication to improving the lives of those under their care, decades of experience, and unwavering focus on the end goal.

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