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For families interested in finding help for their child, Family Help & Wellness programs can be the answer. Based on independent research, survey responses, and the decision by thousands to entrust us with their chlid's care, FHW is a leader in quality, effective care.
Program Survey Results

Quality Care Creates Satisfied Families

Family Help & Wellness offers outcome and results-driven programming. Survey results include:
  • 100% of clients surveyed feel they made the right decision in choosing Red Mountain Sedona
  • 100% of families surveyed believe Elevations was the right choice for them
  • 100% of referral sources who responded would recommend ViewPoint to future clients
  • 100% of families and referral source respondents would recommend Asheville Academy

Significant Growth in Families Trusting FHW

Number of Student Days by Year


My life is very different after being in treatment at Solstice. It empowered me to change, and take responsibility for myself.

Outcomes SE
EricaSolstice East student

What I feel about Red Mountain is that you come in a patient, and leave a person. I look forward to my future more than ever.

Red Mountain Sedona Outcomes
AllisonStudent at Red Mountain Sedona

I will forever be grateful to Elevations RTC for giving me back my daughter. She is back in school, living a very productive and happy life.

EL Outcomes
GinaMother of Elevations student
Long-Term, Independent Research

Marked Changes

Trails Carolina clients exhibit marked improvements in executive functioning, disruptive behavior, depression, suicidality, aggression and school problems following treatment, an independent study finds.

Our Success Starts with Our Staff

For both employees and students Solstice is a caring family setting that allows personal growth and success in personal goals.

-Alysa Stuart, HR Assistant, Solstice

I love working with kids and love seeing them work past problems interfering with functioning in their lives.

-Peter Brickey, Therapist, ViewPoint

A lot of our students and families come in and haven’t had a vision or hope for the future in a long time. We see our families come together at the end with a sense of optimism about what’s to come.

– Jeremy Whitworth, Program Director

I love being in residential treatment because it can be such a warm and nurturing environment that empowers young women to heal from the inside out. It’s easy to feel the love and care all around. There’s no better feeling than seeing our students start to believe in themselves!

– Laura Storey, Admissions Director