Our Healthcare Organization’s Response to COVID-19


All residential programs have established a revised screening process for admissions, including questions about recent fevers, travel overseas, and family members’ potential risk factors for the virus. Anyone posing a risk to our treatment centers will not be admitted.


  • All staff and students are screened daily for symptoms.
  • Any staff exhibiting flu-like symptoms will be immediately sent home and asked to visit a medical professional for testing.
  • For any student exhibiting flu-like symptoms, we will immediately contact local health care professionals for the next steps on the appropriate course of action.
  • We will be limiting off-campus trips
  • Canceling events that would include large gatherings of people
  • New admissions will be screened for flu-like symptoms and transport to our facility will be recommended via driving or private transport only—avoiding air travel.
  • Daily check-in’s with students for symptoms
  • Posted signs in all treatment areas and residences explaining the importance of hand sanitation, and illness prevention.


  • All visitors to our campuses are subject to a screening process. Access to the campus is restricted.
  • Regular parent tours and educational consultant tours to consider the placement of students within our program will be rescheduled whenever possible.  In the place of these tours, videoconference tours will be offered.


  • Increased sanitization of equipment and facilities by having the staff clean and disinfect high touch surfaces in common areas
  • Increased access to sanitation stations through the campus at entry and exit points
  • Additional cleaning supplies available to staff and students to help sanitize as needed.
  • Increased availability and use of alcohol-based hand rub and making sure that tissues are available and sinks are well stocked with soap and paper towels for handwashing
  • Implemented mandatory training for every employee on handwashing and hand sanitization and cough etiquette, and strict employee, client and visitor compliance with washing/sanitizing hands thoroughly in accordance with CDC guidelines

For more information about how Family Help & Wellness healthcare programs are responding to COVID-19, please contact us at info@famhelp.com

More information about the coronavirus can be found at:  www.cdc.gov/coronavirus