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Our Founding Dad

I understand the frustration, stress and pain of having teenagers who are angry, defiant, and depressed.  We all want the best for our kids, so when our home lives are falling into crisis, with children failing school and acting out in dangerous ways, it’s nothing less than heartbreaking. Sometimes our kids stop coming home at night or run away and we worry if they are safe.

You likely fear your child won’t get through high school or college, might hurt themselves or others, and never lead a productive and functional life. When your teen is acting out in ways that could damage their health, lead to legal repercussions, or worse, the emotional devastation felt as a parent is unbearable.

None of this makes any sense to a responsible, hard working parent who loves their child.  We all fear our teenagers are throwing away their future.

It can seem that despite your best efforts to intervene, your child is caught in a downward spiral, throwing their future away.

You try offering incentives for better decision-making, and when that fails, we try consequences, and when that fails we look outside of the home for help from therapists and tutors. Eventually we realize these local resources can turn out to be inadequate when it comes to producing lasting change in a child facing significant issues – and that’s where Family Help & Wellness comes in.

At Family Help and Wellness, we disrupt the downward spiral and address the underlying causes of your child’s anger and frustration to produce real, lasting change.

Your teenager will come and live at our programs and during their stay we will work to:

  • Bring about feelings of self-worth
  • Create a sense of gratitude and value for family, friends and teachers
  • Restore communication with friends and within the family
  • Repair and rebuild relationships between you and your child
  • Create opportunities for them to learn the skill of reflection so they can understand the destructive nature of past decisions
  • Model healthy daily life routines in regards to waking, sleeping and eating
  • Teach coping skills and new ways of working through frustrations and anxiety
  • Catch up or maintain academic progress
  • Bring about an understanding of boundaries and how they can help made better choices
  • Change you teenager’s perspective and bring calm and thoughtfulness where previously there was frustration, anger and crisis.

We have the experience and expertise to diagnose and treat issues which often contribute to or primarily drive dysfunctional or destructive behaviors.  It’s not uncommon to misinterpret mental health and learning challenges as being lazy or lacking in motivation.  In fact, negative behaviors can often be caused or contributed by trauma, depression, spectrum challenges, ADD, ADHD and other mental health and learning issues.

Our clinical and academic professionals are educated, trained and experienced in bringing about meaningful and sustainable change for your child, and your family.  You are not alone in these challenges and your child will discover peers who face and have successfully overcome these challenges.

These intensive therapeutic programs make a real difference in the lives of teens. I have received countless letters of gratitude from parents and witnessed firsthand the restoration of loving connections between parents and teenagers who upon arrival carried anger, defiance, frustration, and low self-esteem.

These very same adolescents and young adults exit our programs with: a newfound appreciation for all their parents have done for them; an ability to cope and make better choices; and greater self-confidence in themselves and their future.

The change our programs can produce in your teen are not only life-changing, they’re life-saving.

We can help you. Call us today at 844-413-2722 to learn more about our programs and begin the journey to sustainable change in your child’s life.


Our Founding Dad


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When your child is struggling with behavioral health issues, it’s easy to feel as if no one understands.
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