Oppositional Defiance

How We Help with Oppositional Defiance


oppositionalOver the past year, Hannah has had angry outbursts at least once every week, with no apparent cause. Previously, she always had good relationships with those around her, but now she pushes everyone away. Teachers have called home expressing their concern, as she refuses to follow instructions and blames others when instructors try to address her disruptive behavior. Her parents have tried to speak to her also, but Hannah simply storms out of the room, increasing the stress for everyone involved.

Hannah’s mom tried reaching out to the school’s social worker, and found a therapist who specializes in working with teens experiencing anger issues, but Hannah doesn’t seem to be making much progress and going to the meetings has become another point of contention. Hannah’s persistent opposition, defaulting to refusal of anything asked of her without a moment’s consideration, has drained the patience of those around her.


Teens with behaviors similar to Hannah’s may be diagnosed with Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD), which is a pattern of defiant behavior, irrationally angry mood and even possible vindictiveness lasting at least six months. ODD does not resolve itself, and if left untreated may become progressively more severe.

How We Can Help

While outpatient programs are sufficient for some, many youth struggling with ODD may require a higher level of support to see noticeable improvements. Family Help and Wellness offers innovative, immersive programs based on a solid foundation of industry recognized best practices. Our highly skilled therapists will work with your child as they experience anger outbursts, irritability build up, and stressful situations to help them develop the skills needed to process these situations in a healthy way. In all our programs, particularly wilderness immersion, students will have the opportunity to work through destructive behaviors with focused support, and build the skills and positive outlook needed to carry healthy behavior into the future.

By combining methodologies such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), individual therapy, and skills training we can help your child learn to cope with stressful situations in a healthy way, rather than resorting to regular outbursts. Medication may also be used, when appropriate, to help manage symptoms. Each child receives an individualized plan tailored to their unique needs upon entry. In addition, we believe family therapy is a key component of therapy success long-term, and can help to alleviate the underlying causes of many issues. Our clinicians help to equip parents with the tools needed to set effective boundaries and reinforce positive behavior when the child returns home. Youth leave our programs equipped with the skills and outlook they’ll need to manage their feelings in a healthy way, and build stronger relationships with family and friends.

Oppositional Defiance Disorder Defined

No matter how well behaved a child is, in some instances, he/she will be troublesome. However, if a child or adolescent has repetitive and unceasing vindictiveness, irritability, defiance, arguing or anger towards a parent, guardian and other people taking care of him/her, there are high chances he/she has developed Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD).

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Oppositional Defiance

  • Arguing
  • Refusing to Follow Rules
  • Blaming Others
  • Hostility Towards Others


  • Anger/Aggression
  • Persistent Negativity
  • Failure to “think before speaking”
  • Repeated Disobedience
Help with Oppositional Defiance

We Can Help

When your child is struggling with Oppositional Defiance, it’s easy to feel as if no one understands.

We’ve helped hundreds of families make meaningful change, even when nothing else seemed to work. If you’re ready to bring peace to your family, you’ve come to the right place.