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Depression Test

Noun When a teen is displaying symptoms associated with depression, such as loss of interest, low energy, sadness, social isolation and substance abuse, a trained mental health professional may use a depression test to confirm their diagnosis. Depression tests will take into account the individual’s behaviors and symptoms, and use the information to decide on

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Depression Test for Teens

Noun Depression testing for teens is the assessment of a teen’s indicators of symptomology, with an emphasis on those that are likely to detect depression. These symptoms typically include loss of interest in activities, withdrawn nature, impulsivity, academic difficulties, substance abuse, lack of control over anger, and negative issues with authority personnel...

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Noun Depression is defined as a mood changing disorder that can cause an unending feeling of loss of interest and/or unhappiness. Clinical depression or major depressive disorder changes a person’s feeling, thinking, and behavior. It can cause a large variety of psychological and/or physical problems. An individual with depression will most probably experience...

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