Attitude is how a person thinks or feels about something or someone. It is usually revealed in an individual’s position of the body, implying a mental state, or an action.

Attitude is the concept that the moods and opinions towards someone/something will, and do, affect the results of interactions with those individuals or things. How a person feels towards another person, event, or experience can significantly differ based on the person’s attitude. Both emotion and opinion are affected by attitude.

The attitude of a person can change, with varying degrees of ease or difficulty. Several external forces including conflicts, experiences, events, surrounding people, as well as the environmental factors can affect an individual’s attitude.

Attitude does not only impact a single individual; it can have an effect on all people surrounding him/her. If a person is happy, generally people that are around him/her will be happier, contrary to those surrounding a person that is upset, depressed, or sad.