Journey Home

As a sister program to Solstice RTC, Journey Home is a small, residential step-down program for young women who are transitioning from a more intensive treatment program such as a residential treatment center or wilderness therapy.

Located in Utah, Journey Home works with young women ages 16-21 who have been successful in their previous placement, but have decided returning home is not the best option for them. Journey Home works with young women who are interested in continuing to build upon the skills they acquired during their time at therapeutic programs and recognize the need for continued support in achieving goals and finding success.

Journey Home is based in a warm, comfortable home setting with the continuous guidance and support of trained staff members. Students live alongside other girls who are also coming out of therapeutic programs. The peer support they are able to develop is extremely helpful in the overall healing process.

During their time at Journey Home, students work towards developing life skills even beyond what they have learned in therapeutic programs. Students gain and strengthen critical life skills and responsibilities such as budgeting, gaining employment, meal preparation, nutrition, and maintaining cleanliness of their living space.

Students who wish to continue their education while at Journey Home can attend local high schools, work towards obtaining their GED, or pursue a college course curriculum through a local college or online coursework. Students are encouraged to get a local job to help them build important life skills such as time management and accountability.

At Journey Home, students participate in weekly therapy. This includes family, individual, and group therapy sessions.


Phone: 801-444-0794



City: Layton, Utah

Nearest Airport: Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC)


Average Duration:  8-24 months depending on individual student

Who we Help: Females ages 16-21

Examples of Student Profile:

  • Have been in a treatment program prior to arriving at Journey Home.
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Attachment issues
  • Relationship issues

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Journey Home