Journey Home East

Journey Home East is a transitional program designed to help young women who have completed intensive treatment at a therapeutic program such as a residential treatment center or a wilderness therapy program.

Located in North Carolina, Journey Home East offers young women ages 16-21 a warm, inviting home setting to make the successful transition from a highly structured treatment program into a real world setting. Journey Home East provides a “soft landing” for these girls and helps them continue the growth they experienced at prior treatment programs.

Journey Home East’s goal is to help students continue to grow and become responsible, accountable, and successful young adults. By teaching and reinforcing Five Core Principles – Life Skills, Healthy Living, Personal Responsibility, Education, and Social Integration, students are coached on important skills they can take with them for the rest of their lives.

Students are encouraged to continue their education while at Journey Home East. Whether that is finishing high school, getting a GED, or attending courses at a local college or online, the continuing education component at Journey Home East is highly individualized and based on the specific goals of each student.

Therapeutic programming at Journey Home East includes individual, family, and group therapy sessions on a weekly basis. During their time at Journey Home East, students are coached on important life skills and responsibilities such as maintaining a budget, going on job interviews, and planning a meal schedule.


Phone: 855-290-9684



City: Asheville, North Carolina

Nearest Airport – Asheville Regional Airport


Average Duration:  8-24 months depending on individual student

Who we Help: Females ages 16-21

Examples of Student Profile:

  • Have been in a treatment program prior to arriving at Journey Home East.
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Attachment issues
  • Relationship issues

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Journey Home East