Life-Changing Programs, Lasting Results

Helping Youth Make Positive Change
Life-altering, sustainable changes

Improved self-esteem. Repaired relationships.

When you’ve tried everything from school counselor to therapists, inpatient programs and more, and still have yet to see meaningful progress in your son or daughter’s behavior and wellbeing, it’s easy to feel hopeless. The confusion, hurt, and anger you feel are completely natural. Many families reach out to Family Help & Wellness after spending many sleepless night fraught with grief and worry, wondering if anything they can do will get their child on the right track. If you feel as if you’ve reached the end of the road and are looking for help, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve helped thousands of families just like yours overcome overwhelming challenges, even when nothing else seemed to work. Many youth and young adults, particularly those with severe diagnoses or acuity, require more comprehensive therapy in order to change the trajectory of their lives for the better.

FHW is the leading program for getting your child back on track

Is Your Child…

  • Failing at school / dropped out
  • Lacking motivation / goals
  • Angry, defiant
  • Lonely, isolated
  • Life in crisis
  • Showing risky behaviors
  • Disengaged, unmotivated
  • Anxious, depressed

FHW Can Help

Life Changing Results of FHW Programs

  • Sustainable changes
  • Restored relationships
  • Improved self-worth
  • Clear assessment & plan
  • Life-saving results

Effective, Outcome-driven Care

When your son or daughter enrolls in one of our programs, they’ll be brought into a focused, caring environment free from the distractions, triggers, and daily habits of home. Here they’ll be able to develop the skills necessary to respond to stressful situations in healthy ways, build confidence, and make meaningful changes

“All FHW programs are immersive, residential environments where clients will join a community of others who understand their struggles. They’ll face challenges and receive real-time help in stressful situations as they build the skills needed to succeed long-term”

Depending on the needs of each individual, we offer a variety of settings including boarding-school style arrangements, wilderness therapy, assessment facilities, psychiatric hospitals, and transitional living environments, with both short-term interventions and long-term placements available.


Highly Qualified Staff

Our staff are highly qualified, specialized professionals who are dedicated to the success of each client that enters our care. They work hand-in-hand with clients to build an atmosphere of healing and hope, while providing real-time feedback and therapy well beyond the means of traditional therapist arrangements.

Asheville Academy, North Carolina, August 29, 2016.

Peers Provide Hope and Mentorship

No matter the setting, when your child enters one of our programs, they’ll be surrounded by peers facing similar challenges, all of whom are at different stages of their personal journeys. This approach allows those who are struggling to witness the progress of others, changing their own trajectory in the process. Many times clients who are further along in their journey act as informal mentors, further cementing the accountability aspect of change. For many, peer support can be an instrumental part of building a foundation for lasting success.

Different Environments Offer Different Advantages

Depending on your child’s individual needs and diagnoses, they may be better suited to one community environment over another. Some of our programs are based in boarding school style environments with shared rooms, while other are hosted in large houses, and our assessment programs offer tight-knit community environments for the duration of their immersive experience.

Each of our programs is based at its core on proven, nationally accepted clinical practices, which is critical for clients to see positive development in their behavioral, emotional, social, or psychological issues.

Providing the Greatest Benefit to Each Client

Everything we do is viewed through the lens of providing the greatest therapeutic benefit to each client. This doesn’t mean that your child will be spending hours in a traditional clinic setting, but rather that therapy is baked into everything we do, from academic study to group activities, residential responsibilities, and more. Our therapies provide clients ample opportunity to gain new skills and make meaningful progress every day.

View Point, Layton, Utah, September 9, 2016.The Benefits of Intensive Immersion

Visiting a therapist for weekly counseling sessions can
certainly be beneficial, but it pales in comparison to real-time intervention and counseling from qualified therapists. In our programs, it is a regular occurrence for a therapist to intervene in the midst of a stressful situation, and lead a community reflection on how the situation could be managed in a healthy manner.


Taking a Holistic Approach

Nearly every family has tried local resources such as school counselors and traditional therapists before seeking more intensive, inpatient care. In many cases these resources, while beneficial, lack the intensity necessary to bring about lasting change. The strength of FHW programs lies in how all aspects of the program tie together.

Our programs blend group, family, peer-to-peer, and individual therapies to help clients achieve greater long-term results by learning new skills and creating positive cycles in each area of their lives. At Family Help & Wellness, psychological, clinical, and medical expertise come together to create sophisticated and comprehensive programmatic environments.

Whether the issues your child faces are emotional, behavioral, psychological, or social their journey to healthy functioning is going to require no small degree of personal development. Family Help & Wellness helps clients develop the skills needed to handle stress, anger, anxiety, and other psychological and neurological challenges in a healthy manner. Our goal is to meet clients where they are and find a way to change their trajectory for the better.

The Process of Self-Development

Discover Seven Stars, Layton, Utah, September 10, 2016.

When a new client enters one of our programs, we guide them through the process of developing personal goals, and provide continuous support throughout their journey to help meet those goals. Throughout their stay they’ll be facing challenges that will build their confidence and self-esteem in ways that will have a lasting impact.

We identify the patterns that have led to concerning behavior and guide clients on the path to creating new, healthier responses to the stresses of everyday life. Whether your child is struggling with emotional control, developmental challenges, or psychological issues, whatever the level of complexity, our diverse set of programs have the capacity to help lead a healthier, happier life.

Many parents have unfortunately become accustomed to their child struggling academically or underperforming in school. Often these poor grades are just a surface symptoms of deeper issues with anger, anxiety, or depression.

Trails Academy, North Carolina, August 29, 2016.We all understand that academic performance and educational development are key drivers of success in adulthood. Mirroring parent interests for their child to be healthy, independent, and self-sufficient, we provide opportunities for clients to identify their learning style and academic interests, and build study and time management skills in addition to developing their skills in math, science, English, social studies, and more.

All FHW programs offer formal or informal educational development for those who want it, with many offering accredited academics within the programmatic environment, and transitional programs featuring partnerships with local colleges to provide additional educational resources.

Every Family Help & Wellness program offers instruction and experiences that help our clients develop and thrive. However, not all programs are “schools” in a traditional academic sense, so it’s important to select the right program for your child’s needs.

Many of our clients come to Family Help & Wellness consumed by technology, completely disengaging with life. Often adolescents entering into one of our programs have stopped being active, and aren’t engaged in extracurricular activities like sports, music, or drama. This leads to physical stagnation that only exacerbates their mental and emotional challenges.

Some programs, such as wilderness immersion, are very physically intensive, requiring a high degree of daily activity as clients engage in outdoor activities, sports, music, and art meant to engage them mentally and physically. This is our way of practically implementing research that demonstrates physical activity leads to more positive outlooks and moods.

Building Skills, Confidence

View Point, Layton, Utah, September 9, 2016.Many activities are carefully designed so that clients can develop skills and demonstrate expertise, building self-assurance that will carry them through future challenges. By proving to themselves that they can overcome challenges in an unfamiliar environment, clients are able to discover a different side of themselves which can be applied to social, academic, and professional settings later on.

In addition to allowing clients to get outside their comfort zone in a controlled, nurturing environment, activities often confer social benefits as well. Group sports, for instance, provide an opportunity for peers to bond in an informal setting, build teamwork skills, laugh and enjoy themselves, all while discovering healthy means of relieving stress.

Laying a Solid Foundation

FHW also recognizes that nutrition and sleep play a major role in setting the foundation for positive improvements mentally and physically. Many clients arrive accustomed to an unhealthy diet high in fat and sugar, and having unhealthy sleep patterns. We provide structured meals based on expert nutritional guidelines, and help clients to develop healthy sleep patterns.