Equinox RTC

Equinox RTC is a residential treatment center for teen boys ages 14-18. Combining intensive therapeutic services, personalized academics, and fitness / activity options, Equinox helps teens mature into responsible young men.

Equinox is designed specifically to address the emotional and behavioral struggles of teen boys. The physically and emotionally safe environment of Equinox enables teens to learn in grown in a positive, uplifting setting. The philosophy at Equinox is that people, more than programs, make the difference. The inspiring environment allows a nurturing of competency, integrity, and balanced, healthy lifestyles.  

The therapeutic program of Equinox emphasizes family therapy, adventure therapy, physical fitness, and nutrition. Other important aspects of programming at Equinox include accredited academics, psychiatric services, and outdoor adventures.

Equinox RTC uses the archetypal Hero’s Journey as a tool to guide students and families along a path towards success. By using the Hero’s Journey throughout therapeutic and academic programming, Equinox RTC helps families learn to believe in themselves and begin to have hope for the future again.


"We left Equinox feeling very blessed our son has the opportunity to be here. After all these years, I finally have hope our son will become the person I have always seen inside him."

Kyle Gillette Equinox
Parent of Equinox Student


Phone: (877) 279-8925

Email: kyle@equinoxrtc.com


City: Hendersonville, North Carolina

Closest Airport: Asheville Regional Airport


Average Duration:  9 -12 months.

Who we Help: Boys between the ages of 14-18.

Student Profile:

  • Grief & Loss
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Abuse and trauma
  • Impulse control
  • Low self-esteem
  • Poor relationship choices
  • Family dysfunction
  • Addictive behaviors

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A Residential Treatment Center for Boys 14-18
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Kyle Gillett
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