More Like The Real World: Choosing a Co-Ed Residential Treatment Program

More Like The Real World: Choosing a Co-Ed Residential Treatment Program

More Like The Real World: Choosing a Co-Ed Residential Treatment Program

If you have a teen who is struggling through life and you believe that getting them therapeutic help is the best option, a co-ed residential treatment program may be the best option for your child. Not only does a co-ed residential treatment program offer the kind of intensive clinical help you’d expect from an inpatient therapeutic facility, it also provides a social environment that encourages positive changes to formerly destructive or underutilized social habits.

Benefits of Co-Ed Residential Treatment

Why would any parent in their right mind choose a co-ed program over a single-gendered residential program? Here are some reasons why a co-ed residential treatment program might be a good idea for your child:

  • Creating friendships and close bonds: It’s important for teens who have either fallen in with the wrong crowd or who have had social anxiety in the past to learn how to build healthy, close friendships with peers of both sexes. In a single-gendered environment, teens are only able to interact with peers who are within their gender. By having both sexes on campus in a co-ed residential treatment program, teens are able to learn how to interact in a healthy way with everyone they would encounter in the “real world”.
  • A sense of routine: While teens are at school out in a “real world” setting, they interact with both boys and girls on a daily basis. A co-ed residential treatment setting offers this same experience. This helps establish a sense of routine that is unbroken when a child transitions back to a traditional school setting.
  • A learning environment: Through group therapy and learning together within an academic environment, a co-ed residential treatment center provides the opportunity for teens of both genders to learn from each other’s choices. In such a collaborative setting, teens have the chance to truly grow and heal.
  • Bringing different ideas into the mix: It’s pretty widely accepted that girls and boys may think differently depending on the circumstance. Having people around with different beliefs and opinions to a teen’s own thoughts is beneficial because it allows teens to open their mind to other ideas.

A co-ed residential treatment program takes the safety of their students seriously. They have separate sleeping and showering areas based on gender. Staff are always on the lookout for misbehavior.

Elevations RTC can help

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