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Seven Stars is a therapeutic program for children with neurodevelopmental disorders ages 13-18. We offer students and their families the opportunity to build lifelong skills and confidence with the finest individualized and comprehensive treatment plans available.

Our program is designed to utilize the best in residential, wilderness adventure, and outdoor environments. Seven Stars’ foundation of success is built upon positive psychology. We use a personalized and strengths-based approach in order to help students identify and develop their strengths.

We work to avoid power struggles and punitive punishments. Our program encourages our students to get involved in the community, establish fast resets, and how to avoid and deal with breakdowns. We connect our students with logical and natural consequences of their actions. Through these practices, our students grow and begin changing their behaviors.

Seven Stars offers the most comprehensive program and facilities available, while also operating as a small and highly personalized therapeutic program.

Set among the beautiful Wasatch Mountains, the local area offers plenty for adventure and wilderness expeditions. We use the natural surroundings for hiking, mountain biking, backpacking, rock climbing, skiing, and water activities.

I don't know how to say thank you enough. Before Seven Stars I wanted to run away. Today I adore my son who is turning into a young man.

Seven Stars Mom Thank You
AnnParent of Seven Stars Student


Phone: 844-601-1167



City: Syracuse, Utah

Closest Airport: Salt Lake City International


Average Duration:  10 months.

Who we Help: Boys and Girls ages 13 to 18

Student Profile:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Executive Functioning Deficits
  • Academic Struggles
  • Language-based learning disorders
  • Nonverbal Learning Disorders

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A therapeutic program for teens 13-18
  • Judith Jacques
    Judith Jacques
    Executive Director - Discover Seven Stars, Elevations RTC & ViewPoint Center
  • Eric Flores
    Eric Flores
    Program Director - Elevations RTC and Discover Seven Stars
  • Rachelle Steed, LCSW
    Rachelle Steed, LCSW
    Clinical Director - Discover Seven Stars

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Judith Jacques
Executive Director - Discover Seven Stars, Elevations RTC & ViewPoint Center

Feeling frustrated by the systemic constraints to affect real change in the lives of adolescents in the public school system, she was on the verge of leaving education altogether. Fortunately, Judith was offered a role as a teacher in a residential treatment center and found a renewed interest in working with students in an environment where students and their needs are a priority.  Judith spent the next 2 years as a teacher, then 10 years as an academic director before moving into operations of a residential treatment center as a program director. She was one of the original founders of Elevations RTC and ViewPoint Center.

Judith loves to spend her time with her family, practicing yoga, and continuing to explore her passion for history.  She combines her passions of travel and history into trips to explore historical sites and examination of the past and how we learn from one another. Judith’s passions have helped shape her personal philosophy and approach in working within a residential treatment setting.

Education – BS in Education from Millersville University of Pennsylvania , MEd in Special Education from Westminister College.

Learning is a social and emotional activity.  If students are not socially and emotionally available little change can be expected in the classroom or at home.  We have to meet them where they are and start with helping them to be open to change.
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Eric Flores
Program Director - Elevations RTC and Discover Seven Stars

Eric Flores is a clinical health care provider partnering with clinical professionals to provide creative developmental solutions to struggling adolescents. As Elevations Program Director, Eric is in the unique position of developing, implementing, and nurturing change in adolescents. With a desire to serve and the core belief that a successful student becomes a successful adult. Eric works outside the traditional constraints creating and cultivating a culture that encourages change, safety, and inspiration for originality and a forum to blossom. Eric’s philosophies encourage individuality, desire, and success. This unique distinction to human-to-human commitment for success is Eric’s passion and commitment for over a decade. Eric has shaped and role model for young minds that continue to resonate today in many lives and more for years to come.

Eric holds a MS in psychology specializing in mental skill development and group dynamics from Capella University.

Eric enjoys the outdoors hiking, camping, with his beautiful soulmate / wife, his three boys, and 4-legged companion Boomer. Eric supports his local community volunteering as a football, baseball coach and trains in martial arts teaching self-defines.

Rachelle Steed, LCSW
Clinical Director - Discover Seven Stars

As a Primary Therapist at Seven Stars, Rachelle Steed works closely with students and their families to create individualized treatment plans for each student. Rachelle received her Master’s degree in Social Work from Our Lady of Lake University and has experience working with young people as a social worker and substance abuse therapist.

Rachelle is passionate about providing positive guidance to teens and giving them the help they need to become successful.

In her spare time, Rachelle enjoys spending time with her three children and traveling the globe.

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