Varied offerings depending on the challenges your child faces

Like a beacon in the darkness of fear and frustration, families find Family Help & Wellness. Our spectrum of programs serving a breadth of diagnoses offer help for parents and the promise of sustainable change for clients who to date have struggled to find any.

Be it psychological, emotional, behavioral, or social, Family Help & Wellness programs have answers for a spectrum of diagnoses.

By Diagnosis

Family Help and Wellness helps clients with a diverse array of diagnosis:
  •        Academic Underachievement
  •        ADHD
  •        Adjustment Disorders
  •        Adoption Issues
  •        Aggressive Behavior
  •        Alcohol use / dependence
  •        Anxiety
  •        Autism Spectrum Disorder
  •        Body Issues
  •        Bullying
  •        Depression
  •        Disruptive Behaviors
  •        Executive functioning deficits
  •        Drug use / dependence
  •        Family Discord
  •        Gender /Sexuality Issues
  •        Lack of Motivation
  •        Learning Disorders
  •        Mood Disorders
  •        Marijuana dependence
  •        Negative Peer Groups
  •        Neurodevelopmental Disorders
  •        Obsessive Disorders
  •        Oppositional Defiance
  •        Parental Defiance
  •        Psychosis
  •        PTSD
  •        Prescription drug abuse
  •        School Defiance
  •        School Refusal
  •        Self-esteem Issues
  •        Self-Injurious Behavior
  •        Social Issues
  •        Suicidal Behavior
  •        Technology Abuse
  •        Trauma
Age & Gender Specific

Unique Programs for Unique Needs

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