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Change for struggling young adults starts at PulsaR Wilderness Therapy For Young Adults

We help young adults and their families overcome challenges that limit their potential. We work with bright 18-28 year-olds to address behavioral or motivational attitudes impacting their success in life. The Southern Idaho Wilderness, near Sun Valley and the Snake River Canyon, is a mecca for outdoor adventure activities and an ideal setting to thrive.

We help young adults step out of their comfort zone, improve their self-esteem, and help our clients build their confidence through self-success. Our program helps create positive changes and improvements through engagement and adventure. We have a supportive environment that encourages clients to push themselves physically and emotionally to create lasting changes.


"Pulsar has made my communication with my parents go 0 to 100.  My self love is so much better than before I came and these are my biggest struggles.  If you asked me before how to take these struggles on or if I could I would laugh.  But now I'm about to go on solo (possibly my biggest fear) and am ready for my biggest challenge yet."

QuinnAge 20


Phone: (844) 413-1999



City: Gooding, Idaho

Closest Airport: Boise, Idaho (about 102 miles away)


Average Duration:  60-70 days

Who we Help: Young Adults ages 18-28

Student Profile:

  • Defiance
  • Depression
  • ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • School Refusal
  • Trauma
  • Unhealthy Addictions

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A wilderness therapy program for teens ages 11-17.
Kathy Rex
Kathy Rex
Executive Director
Reid Treadaway
Reid Treadaway
Director of Admissions and Business Development
Jon Worbets
Jon Worbets
Clinical director